Are YOU in control?

Do you know where your assets are LOCATED currently?

Are they moving on the RIGHT ROUTE?

Are they ON TIME?

Are they SAFE?



Tracks your vehicles

Using latest GPS technologies, AWS Vehicle Tracking can help you track, in real time, all your vehicles. You can view the status of all your assets on a map. More…

Reduces fuel costs

With additional sensors, AWS Vehicle Tracking can help you monitor your fuel consumption in real time. With appropriate fuel management, there is scope for huge savings. More…

Prevents accidents

With the numerous data in hand, AWS Vehicle Tracking can help you check and guide driving behavior for a safer and accident-free experience. More…

Get the exact location from your laptop or phone.

Get the coordinates of your vehicle in real time. All easily accessed through your laptop or phone.

Track the volume of fuel in the tank. In Real Time!

You can track how the fuel is being used. Right from when the tank was filled to how it is getting consumed as your vehicle is moving. Find out if the fuel has been stolen. When did that happen? At which location? Get all this, right on your phone!




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AWS Vehicle Tracking has done a wonderful job for us. Now we have full control over our vehicles. Cheers.

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Useful Standard Reporting

AWS Vehicle Tracking Reporting System. AWS Vehicle Tracking provides a number of useful reports related to your vehicle movement and fuel management. The reports are displayed for you on the screen with an option to store it in different file formats like Word, Excel...

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How to cut your fuel cost

With AWS Vehicle Tracking, you can easily cut down your fuel costs significantly. Fuel may be wasted in a number of ways. Follow the simple rules as given below: i. It is a given fact that idling leads to wastage of fuel. A mere 10-second idling consumes as much fuel...

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Get vehicle movement history

Get the detailed movement history of your vehicle with AWS Vehicle Tracking. It may not be possible for you to sit on your control panel throughout the day to monitor your vehicles. AWS Vehicle Tracking allows you to check on your vehicle's movement for any given...

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What is a GEOFENCE?

A Geofence, by definition, means a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. As per Wikipedia, A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a...

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Get instant alerts

Get instant and real time alerts with AWS Vehicle Tracking. With AWS Vehicle Tracking System, you get instant alerts on your phone or laptop. There are many events that you would like to keep in check. For example, you can get instant alerts in the form of emails or...

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** Recover your lost or stolen vehicle with AWS Vehicle Tracking. In the event of your vehicle getting stolen or hijacked, you can track it on the map. You may want to intercept it or update the police to recover it. With AWS Vehicle Tracking, you also have the option...

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