Get instant and real time alerts with AWS Vehicle Tracking.

With AWS Vehicle Tracking System, you get instant alerts on your phone or laptop. There are many events that you would like to keep in check. For example, you can get instant alerts in the form of emails or SMS messages

i. whenever your vehicle arrives or exits any specified site. Any site can be earmarked with the help of a GEOFENCE. Geofences can be created to mark a destination area or a home location or any area that needs to be included as a tracking reference. As soon as your vehicle enters or exits the geofence area, you can get an instant alert on your phone with an email or SMS. With these alerts, you are fully aware of the whereabouts of your vehicle and in a position to give timely updates to your customers or take necessary decisions. For example, if you are delivering goods to a client location, you get accurate information regarding the schedule status of your delivery vehicle and can update your client regarding the delivery status. Your client will surely appreciate such updates and mark you for providing better customer service.

ii. on over-speeding, that is violating the specified speed limit set for a particular vehicle. The moment your vehicle crosses the threshold limit, you get an alert. With this, you can take the necessary action, be it warning the driver immediately or archiving such violations in your MIS reports, regarding driver behavior. Regular actions over such overspeeding events will ultimately lead to increased safety and reduced scope for accidents. Also obvious, there would be an increase in fuel savings as well as increased longevity of your vehicle.

iii. on IGNITION ON or OFF events. You can also set alerts to be sent to you at every instance of ignition on or off.

iv. on AC ON or OFF events. Depending on the nature of requirements, you may want to monitor the AC usage and get desired alerts based on the On or OFF events.

v. SOS events. AWS vehicle Tracking devices allow you to set alerts whenever there is an emergency situation.

vi. Fuel reading changes. Whenever the fuel level falls below the specified mark, you will get a warning alert. You will also get alerts on whenever refuelling is done at the appropriate times. Or in case of fuel theft when there is a sudden drop in fuel levels, you will be warned with an alert of the event with details of location and time. This information is very useful in managing corrupt and unhealthy practices and of course for saving on fuel costs.

vii. On device tampering events. If there is an attempt to tamper with the device and the device stops sending signals, you will get necessary alerts for you to take appropriate actions.

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