With AWS Vehicle Tracking, you can easily cut down your fuel costs significantly. Fuel may be wasted in a number of ways. Follow the simple rules as given below:

i. It is a given fact that idling leads to wastage of fuel. A mere 10-second idling consumes as much fuel as in an event of the ignition off and on. Just do the math and you get the idea how much you are wasting or how much you can save. Basically, instruct and train your drivers to reduce on needless and wasteful idling. AWS Vehicle Tracking provides various reports and alerts to record such events and the same can be used for improving the driving habits of the drivers.

ii. Also, another given fact, that excessive speeding consumes a huge amount of fuel. Instructing drivers to drive at an optimal speed would do wonders to your fuel economy in the long run. AWS Vehicle Tracking allows you to set speed limits and get alerts on speed violations. These data can help you monitor the driver behavior to help keep your fuel costs in control.

iii. Ensure unauthorized usage of the vehicle. It is pretty common that the vehicles are used for non-business activities. Such events can be easily tracked by AWS Vehicle Tracking. A non-designated longer or unsuitable route may be taken, intentionally or unintentionally. Such deviations can be monitored and managed by the fleet manager sitting in front of the AWS Vehicle Tracking control panel.

The mere fact that these events and data are available to the stake holders automatically instills a sense of discipline among the drivers and hence resulting in better driving behavior. This in itself adds to the fuel savings.

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