AWS Vehicle Tracking Reporting System.

AWS Vehicle Tracking provides a number of useful reports related to your vehicle movementĀ and fuel management. The reports are displayed for you on the screen with an option to store it in different file formats like Word, Excel or PDF. Depending on your requirements you may view different reports and store the data for your MIS purposes.

AWS Vehicle Tracking Detailed Report.

This report gives you the detailed report about the status of your vehicle movements throughout the specified time period. You may also choose the frequency of updates, whether you want the status of your vehicle every 5 minuteĀ or every 10 minutes or so on.

AWS Vehicle Tracking Idling Report.

This gives you the events where the vehicle was idling. Details like the location, the start and end times of the idling along with total idling duration are listed.

AWS Vehicle Tracking Stoppage Report.

This gives you the locations where your vehicle has stopped and parked for a specified period. This report also gives you the duration of the stoppage.

AWS Vehicle Tracking Distance Report.

This report gives you the distance travelled by your vehicle for any specified period. If you want the total distance your given vehicle has travelled during the full month, you can get a daily distance travelled figure totalling to the monthly distance travelled figure.

AWS Vehicle Tracking Overspeed Report.

This report gives you the instances during a specified period your vehicle violated the speed limit that has been specified by you. For example, if you have set a speed limit of 40 km/hr, this report will list you the various instances where the vehicle went over this speed limit and the location and time when they happened.



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